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Suraj and Shraddha’s Haldi Ceremony Highlights | Aria Resort, Nashik | Indian Wedding Series

Join us for the vibrant and joyful Haldi ceremony of Suraj and Shraddha at the beautiful Aria Resort in Nashik! Experience the colorful traditions, laughter, and heartfelt moments as the couple begins their wedding celebrations. From turmeric smearing to lively dances, this video captures the essence of this special day. Don’t miss out on the fun – hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications for more wedding highlights and behind-the-scenes glimpses! 🎥 Watch Next: Suraj and Shraddha’s Sangeet Night Celebration Follow along and be part of the magic of Suraj and Shraddha’s wedding journey! 💕

Best Wedding Photographer in Nashik

Best Wedding Photographer in Nashik

Capture Your Special Moments with the Best Wedding Photographer in Nashik

Why Choose Me?

Welcome to your one-stop destination for exceptional wedding photography in Nashik. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing the essence of love and celebration, I am committed to making your wedding memories timeless and beautiful.

  • Expertise in Wedding Photography: With years of experience in the field, I specialize in capturing the true essence of wedding ceremonies, ensuring every moment is beautifully documented.
  • Creative and Candid Shots: I believe in blending traditional photography with candid shots to provide a comprehensive and artistic portrayal of your special day.
  • High-Quality Equipment: Using the latest photography equipment, I ensure that every shot is of the highest quality, capturing the vivid colors and emotions of your wedding.
  • Personalized Service: Understanding that every couple is unique, I offer personalized photography packages tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Services Offered

  • Pre-Wedding Shoots: Capture the romance and excitement leading up to your big day with a beautiful pre-wedding shoot.
  • Wedding Day Coverage: From the bride’s makeup session to the final farewell, I cover every significant moment of your wedding day.
  • Post-Wedding Sessions: Relive the joy and happiness of your wedding day with a post-wedding shoot in stunning locations.
  • Traditional and Candid Photography: A perfect blend of traditional poses and candid moments to tell the complete story of your wedding.

Featured Weddings

Suraj and Shraddha’s Haldi Ceremony at Aria Resort, Nashik

Experience the vibrant and joyful Haldi ceremony of Suraj and Shraddha, where traditions, laughter, and heartfelt moments were beautifully captured. This colorful event was a true reflection of their love and joy.

Highlights of Suraj and Shraddha’s Sangeet Night

Join us in celebrating Suraj and Shraddha’s Sangeet night, a spectacular evening filled with music, dance, and celebration. Every smile, every dance move was captured to create a lasting memory of this special night.


"The best decision we made for our wedding was hiring this photographer! The photos are stunning and perfectly capture the essence of our special day." - Suraj & Shraddha

"Amazing work! Our wedding photos are absolutely beautiful, and we couldn’t be happier with the results." - Raj & Pooja

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